Pre-sale inspection

Evaluate the right asking price for your property through a pre-sale inspection!

Pre-sale inspection

A pre-sale inspection is required done by the seller of a property before putting it up for on sale. This inspection is used to accurately know the condition of the property and to determine whether any renovations are needed. A pre-sale inspection also helps the seller to set the right price according to the actual condition of the property. This type of inspection also reassures potential buyers.

Be aware of all the problems on your property before the buyer's inspector detects them! You'll be able to accurately inform prospective buyers about the renovations to be made, or make some corrections yourself before you decide to sell. A pre-sale inspection helps you plan in advance the cost of the work, so you can subtract it from accurately set the sale price.

Inspection en bâtiments

Importance of the pre-sale inspection

A pre-sale inspection protects the seller in case of a dispute with a potential buyer: any problems on the property will be known and included in the sale transaction. By law, an owner who wants to sell his house or condo must disclose any known problems on the property to potentials buyers.

A pre-sale inspection informs the seller of the elements that will be identified by the buyer’s inspector during the pre-purchase inspection. The pre-sale inspection of the property can help the seller to fill the vendor declaration when it is time to sell. Even after years of living in a house, it’s impossible to know everything about it!

Pre-sale inspection
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Contact DENYS GUAY HOME INSPECTION for a pre-sale inspection in the greater Montreal area as well as in Laval and throughout the North Shore. You will be reassured about the condition of the property you want to sell, can decide the ideal selling price or perform the work required prior to announcing listing your property on the real estate market. Contact us for details or to book a pre-sale inspection.

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