Pre-purchase inspection

Protect yourself with a pre-purchase inspection!

Pre-purchase inspection

Having a pre-purchase inspection before buying a property is very important to protect your investment. Knowing the true condition of the property can help you make the right decision. The purpose of this inspection is to identify any major defects that can diminish the use, the enjoyment, the value or the safety of a property. It provides the information needed for a better understanding of the condition of its systems and components.

The pre-purchase inspection is a visual inspection of all the visible components of the property such as the foundations, the structure, the insulation, the plumbing and the electricity systems. A complete and customized report including various photos will be issued within 48 hours after the pre-purchase inspection. Our reports respect the standards of the Quebec Association of Buildings Inspectors (AIBQ).

The pre-purchase inspection can detect these apparent problems:
  • Water infiltration problems at ground level
  • Problems with the ventilation system or with the heating system
  • Visible problems with the weeping tile (french drain)
  • Potential presence of pyrite
  • Vermiculite problems
  • Framework malfunctions
  • Potential presence of iron ocher in the foundation drain
  • Roof sealing problems
  • Mold problems
  • And many others ...

Non-inspected elements: dependencies, alarm systems, central vacuum systems and water softener systems.

Inspection en bâtiments

Importance of the pre-purchase inspection

Here is why you should get a pre-purchase inspection before buying any property:

  • A pre-purchase inspection will help you predict the costs of major repairs or maintenance to be made
  • You can ask the seller to do some repairs on the property before finalizing the deal or you can renegotiate the purchase offer
  • You can cancel the purchase offer if the inspection results are not satisfactory

Pre-purchase inspection
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