Pre-delivery and preventive inspections

Protect yourself with a pre-delivery inspection before taking possession of your new property

Pre-delivery and preventive inspections

Before taking possession of your new property (house or condo), you have to be sure that everything as been build perfectly. A pre-delivery inspection is requested by the purchaser of a new home at the end of the construction process, just before the delivery. The pre-delivery inspection must be carried out in the presence of the building contractor or his representative.

A qualified home inspector will detect problems that deserve to be addressed before you take possession of your new property. During our pre-delivery inspection, we will prepare a detailed list of all items that need to be corrected by the contractor before taking possession, or those will be considered as seen and accepted as is.

As for the preventive inspection, it is performed at the request of an owner who simply wants to get an expert opinion on the condition of his property. Some owners have their house for several years and are worried whether there is adequate ventilation or if the house contains abnormal levels of humidity, mold, condensation, etc... Many problems can gradually develop over the years (roof, foundation, plumbing and electrical systems). A preventive inspection can detect these problems and predict the occurrence of future ones.

Inspection en bâtiments

Pre-delivery and preventive inspections: common problems

The pre-delivery inspection is a visual examination of the interior and exterior of a property. It comes with a writing report stating the deficiencies and problems to be corrected. Here is a list of items that will be checked during the pre-delivery inspection of a new home:

  • Exterior: level of the ground surrounding the building (space between the facing and the ground), descending slopes that carry water away from the building
  • Foundations: insulation, waterproofing, cracks, concrete roughcast, exterior water valve, exterior electrical outlets
  • Roof: membrane or shingles, vent outlets and screen, attic entrance or access opening, gutters or parapets
  • Exterior facing: masonry (joints, weep holes), vinyl, aluminium or wood siding (material and joint alignment), acrylic overlay or stucco
  • Electrical system: lighting and electrical outlets
  • Plumbing system: plumbing fixtures (sinks, bath, shower with seals) and valves
  • Chimney and exhaust ducts: masonry and exhaust trap operation
  • Floor covering: tile mortar joints, flexible flooring (joints), wood flooring or carpeting, baseboards
  • Doors, windows, skylights, garage doors, and other openings: installation, operation, hardware and finish, perimeter weather-stripping, door check on entrance doors as well as security exit doors or door to garage, garage door opening mechanism or invert mechanism (security)
  • Access to the building and stairs, terraces or balconies: railing, decking, concrete slab, or other, electrical system (lighting and electrical outlets) and plumbing system (water valves)
  • Wall covering and ceilings: painted drywall, tile, wood or wallpaper, suspended ceiling, mouldings and woodwork
  • Access doors: door check, weather-stripping, hardware, finish
  • Alarm system
  • Ventilation and heating systems (kitchen fan and bathroom fan)
  • Cabinetry (cabinets, countertops and built-in furniture)
  • Basement, garage and other areas.

The preventive inspection, meanwhile, is looking at the following issues:

  • Water infiltration
  • Non-waterproof roofs
  • Mould
  • Faulty ventilation system
  • French drain problems (Weeping Tiles)
  • Structural problems
  • Presence of iron ocher in the foundation drain
  • Presence of pyrite that would inflate create pressure on the concrete
  • Insulation problem
  • Vermiculite

After completing the preventive inspection, we will provide a full report detailing the condition of your property and the problems detected. You will then be informed about the major work that has to be done if you want to eventually sell the property. That way, you can better assess its market value.

Pre-delivery and preventive inspections
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