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Home inspector

In Quebec, there is no clear standard to regulate the inspection of properties. It is therefore important to be sure that the home inspector you choose is rigorously trained and experienced.

Here are the advantages of doing business with us:
  • Home inspector graduated from CEI College (technical inspection of property and real estate)
  • Home inspector with several years’ experience in the field of construction and renovation
  • Member of the Québec Association of Buildings Inspectors (AIBQ)
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI)
  • Continuous training (according to the requirements of the association)
  • Insurance
  • Meticulous work
  • Detailed inspection report within 48 hours
  • Attentive after-inspection service
Inspection en bâtiments

The inspection report provided by your home inspector

A home inspector should provides an accurate and detailed report of the inspection that was performed. Within 48 hours after the inspection, you will get a full inspection report detailing the condition of your house, condo or multi-unit dwelling.

This inspection report will include the following:

  • The condition of all components areas of the property at the time of the inspection
  • The condition of structural components visible at the time of the inspection
  • The description of all the problems observed during the inspection
  • The presence of condensation or visible water penetration in the property
  • The presence of visible mold or fungi
  • The reference to external elements which may damage the property
  • Photographs
  • The mention of non inspected systems or components
  • The mention of any other elements that can cause a safety hazard or reduce the value or use of the property

Home Inspector
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If you are looking for a trained, certified and experienced home inspector, contact DENYS GUAY HOME INSPECTION in Laval, on the North Shore and in the Montreal area. We offer a complete and comprehensive service to help you make the right choice in terms of property purchase. Contact us today!

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