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A complete building inspection is necessary before signing your real estate contract. Purchasing a home is probably the largest financial transaction you'll ever make. Inspection Denys Guay offers great customer service, outstanding experience and the latest technology.

Contact us immediately for an appointment at your convenience. We will quickly inspect and draft a written report with picturea of the building in full accordance to the standards of practice (the Association of Building Inspectors of Quebec . A.I.B.Q)

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Home inspection

Buying a property is a major investment. This purchase does not guarantee repayment nor any return policy if you are not satisfied. It’s in your best interest to protect yourself by carrying out an inspection of your future property by a certified and experienced inspector. A home inspection will give you a good idea of the condition of the property, so you could be able to protect your interests.

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Pre-purchase inspection

Having a pre-purchase inspection before buying a property is very important to protect your investment. Knowing the true condition of the property can help you make the right decision. The purpose of this inspection is to identify any major defects that can diminish the use, the enjoyment, the value or the safety of a property. It provides the information needed for a better understanding of the condition of its systems and components.

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Pre-sale inspection

A pre-sale inspection is required done by the seller of a property before putting it up for on sale. This inspection is used to accurately know the condition of the property and to determine whether any renovations are needed. A pre-sale inspection also helps the seller to set the right price according to the actual condition of the property. This type of inspection also reassures potential buyers.

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Pre-delivery and preventive inspections

Before taking possession of your new property (house or condo), you have to be sure that everything as been build perfectly. A pre-delivery inspection is requested by the purchaser of a new home at the end of the construction process, just before the delivery. The pre-delivery inspection must be carried out in the presence of the building contractor or his representative.

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